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Where to go in Tulsa when your budget is tight.

What to Do in Muskogee, Oklahoma 0

What to Do in Muskogee, Oklahoma

Let me just start off by saying that northeast Oklahoma is full of so many interesting spots…Muskogee being one of them. Muskogee is one of the most historic cities in Oklahoma and less than...

Tulsa’s 5 Best Landmarks 2

Tulsa’s 5 Best Landmarks

If you’re visiting the Tulsa area, or if you live in Tulsa but have guests in town, these are the places you need to go. These spots are iconically Tulsa — the must-see places...

The Tulsa Christmas Bucket List 2014 0

The Tulsa Christmas Bucket List 2014

Tulsa has so much to offer during the holidays, from beautiful Christmas light displays at Rhema Bible College and Chandler Park, to holiday performances of the Nutcracker and outdoor ice skating. Here’s a quick wrapup of what’s on my bucket list this Christmas!

Tulsa’s 5 Best Parks 2

Tulsa’s 5 Best Parks

Whether you’re Leslie Knope or just an average Joe, chances are you like parks. I mean, what’s there not to like about a beautiful outdoor, free spot, filled with magical things like playgrounds, golf...

Catoosa’s Redbud Valley is a Hidden Gem 1

Catoosa’s Redbud Valley is a Hidden Gem

I’ve found a magical place just a few miles outside of Tulsa: The Redbud Valley Nature Preserve in Catoosa. The ecosystem at Redbud Valley is unlike anything I’ve seen in Oklahoma. The habitat was created where Bird Creek and its tributaries cut through a thick limestone layer. This has resulted in valleys edged with impressively tall limestone cliffs.